SS Cyg Type: SS Cygni AAVSO lightcurve (2020 ) AAVSO lightcurve (index) SS Cygni-type variables increase in brightness by 2-6 magnitudes in V in 1-2 days and in several subsequent days return to their original brightnesses. The values of the cycle are in the range 10 days to several thousand. AAVSO Special Notice #412, 4 February 2016 SS Cyg monitoring needed for radio campaign A multiwavelength (radio and optical) observing campaign on SS Cyg is underway, and AAVSO participation is urgently requested. An Alert Notice will be issued February 5 with full details. The purpose of this Special Notice is to alert observers right now to the need to monitor SS Cyg very closely and report your observations to the AAVSO via WebObs at once. It is likely to go into outburst very soon, and immediate reporting of outburst behavior is crucial to the success of the campaign. Previous similar campaigns with Dr. James Miller-Jones and his colleagues have been very successful. AAVSO observations are used to trigger multi-site radio observations of SS Cyg in research on radio emission from this dwarf nova, as well as for correlation with the radio data during analysis. Please keep a very close watch on SS Cyg. Visual and CCD/DSLR (particularly V) observations are requested (no time series unless outburst is underway and radio observations have been triggered). Its normal minimum magnitude is ~11.8 V, but it can fluctuate to around 11.5. If it becomes brighter than 11.5 V, it could well be going into outburst. If it reaches 11.0, it is almost certainly on its way up. Please report your observations of SS Cyg to the AAVSO as soon after you make them as possible. If you see it 11.5 or brighter, please report them immediately.