S5 1803+78 Type: BLLAC Extragalactic BL Lacertae AAVSO lightcurve (2020 ) AAVSO lightcurve (index) Extragalactic BL Lacertae-type objects are compact quasi-stellar objects showing almost continuous spectra with weak emission and absorption lines and relatively rapid irregular light changes with amplitudes up to 3 magnitudes in V or more. Sources of strong X-ray radiation and radio waves, their emission displays strong and variable linear polarization in the visible and infrared spectral regions. AAVSO Special Notice #407 2 September 2015, Blazar S5 1803+78 active AAVSO observer Adolfo Darriba Martinez y Oscar Ortuo (DAM, Observatorio Las Casqueras, Madrid, Spain) reports that the blazar S5 1803+78 has brightened significantly. S5 1803+78, which is magnitude 16-17 V at minimum, is currently magnitude 14.237 V (LPAB, P. Lampens- Vancauteren (Ukkel, Belgium). Previous outbursts are recorded in the AAVSO International Database in November 2007, February 2012, and September 2014.