P/2021 N2 (Fuls)

Type: Periodic Perihelion date: 13 November 2021 Perihelion distance (q): 3.8 Aphelion distance (Q) : 10.1 Period (years): 18.3 Eccentricity (e): 0.45 Inclination (i): 13.1 JPL orbit diagram COBS lightcurve David Carson Fuls discovered an 18th magnitude comet in Catalina Sky Survey images taken with the 0.68-m Schmidt on 9 July 2021. There were pre-discovery Catalina images from 27 June. The comet passed within 0.4 au of Saturn in September 2014 and will do so again in 2102. Observations (VEMag = visual equivalent magnitude) Date 10x10 mag Error VEmag Coma ' 08-Sep-22 17.7 0.4