185 Eunike

185 Eunike is a main-belt asteroid discovered by Peters at Clinton in 1878. A total of 1,164 data points were obtained over eight nights using a Johnson Cousins V filter during the period 2012 November 3 to December 5 including solar phase angles between –16.1° to +14.5°. The average magnitude was 11.4 and averageSNR was 331. The lightcurve shows a period of 21.7753 ± 0.0001h and amplitude of 0.23 ± 0.01 mag suggesting that the asteroid rotated 35 times during the period of observation. The LCDB reports six different periods, ranging from 10.83 h to 21.807 h. Only one of thesehas and uncertainty quality of 3 (Pilcher, 2012), which reports a period of 21.797 h ± 0.001 h, in good agreement with the observations reported here. These findings were published in the Minor Planet Bulletin, Volume 40, Number 2, 2013.