Caldwell 68

Date: 29 August 2022

Altitude: 19 - 24 degrees

Angular Size: 1° 00' x 0° 45'

Position Angle: 1° 57' from north through east

Orientation: North up; East left

Pixel scale: 1.30" per pixel

Total exposure time: 61 minutes

B filter: 28 x 55 seconds

V filter: 28 x 42 seconds

R filter: 28 x 33 seconds

Caldwell 68 is also known as NGC 6729 and the ”R Coronae Australis Nebula”

Reflection/emission nebula

Constellation: Corona Australis

Distance: 420 light years


The nebula surrounds the variable star R Coronae Australis, a pre-main-sequence star in the

Corona Australis molecular complex. This is one of the closer star-forming regions of the

galaxy. The nebula shows irregular variations in brightness and in shape.