C/2023 H2 (Lemmon)


Type: Periodic Perihelion date: 29 October 2023 Perihelion distance (q): 0.9 Aphelion distance (Q) : 492.6 Period (years): 3,876 Eccentricity (e): 1.00 Inclination (i): 113.8 JPL orbit diagram COBS lightcurve A possible NEO candidate of 21st magnitude was discovered on 23 April 2023 in images taken with the 1.5-m reflector of the Mt Lemmon Survey. Subsequently, other astrometrists reported that it had cometary features. There were also pre-discovery PanSTARRS images from March and April 2023. Observations (VEMag = visual equivalent magnitude) Date 10x10 mag Error VEmag Coma ' 13-Nov-23 6.6 13.9