AW Gem Type: SU Ursae Majoris AAVSO lightcurve (2020 ) AAVSO lightcurve (index) SU Ursae Majoris-type variables are characterized by the presence of two types of outbursts called "normal" and "super-outbursts". Normal, short outbursts are similar to those of UGSS stars, while super-outbursts are brighter by 2 mag., are more than five times longer (wider), and occur several times less frequently. During super-outbursts the light curves show superposed periodic oscillations (super-humps), their periods being close to the orbital ones and amplitudes being about 0.2-0.3 mag. in V. Orbital periods are shorter than 0.1 days; companions are of dM spectral type. AAVSO Legacy Cataclysmic Variable Programme