199P/Shoemaker (0199P)

Type: Periodic Perihelion date: 7 August 2023 Perihelion distance (q): 2.9 Aphelion distance (Q) : 8.9 Period (years): 14.3 Eccentricity (e): 0.51 Inclination (i): 24.9 JPL orbit diagram COBS lightcurve 2008 G2 (199P/Shoemaker) Whilst examining single-night observations of minor planets from 10 April 1994reported by the Catalina Sky Survey to the Minor Planet Center, T. B. Spahr identified a candidate for comet P/1994 J3 = 1994k = 1994 XXVIII (Shoemaker, a.k.a. Shoemaker 4; cf. IAUC 5991, 5998, etc.). The comet was around 19th magnitude at recovery, near its brightest for its reaches perihelion in 2009 April. Spanish CCD observers reported the comet in outburst in early August, and this was confirmed by other CCD observers. Observations (VEMag = visual equivalent magnitude) Date 10x10 mag Error VEmag Coma ' 03-Feb-23 18.1 0.4