Variable Stars - AL Com
Type WZ Sagittae type subclass of UGSU dwarf novae Click for lightcurve WZ Sagittae type subclass of UGSU dwarf novae in which the interval between super- outbursts is unusually long (that is due to a very low mass-transfer rate), measured in decades, while normal outbursts are few and far between. They show re-brightenings. Orbital periods range from 0.05 to 0.08 d. AAVSO Alert 377: December 6, 2013 Observer Carlo Gualdoni reports via the cvnet- outburst mailing list that the WZ Sge-type dwarf nova AL Comae is in outburst, with a magnitude of V=12.74 on 2013 December 6.185 (JD 2456633.1185). Gary Poyner notes on the BAAVSS mailing list that this is the first observed outburst of AL Com since October 2007. Both visual observations and CCD time series are encouraged. AL Comae has typically faded quickly during past outbursts, but will exhibit rebrightenings during the event. Unfiltered time-series observations may be useful to detect any periodic behavior; photometry of the overall outburst is also useful. The star is fainter than V=20 at quiescence.
Hills Observatory: 1 January 2013 to 28 December 2020