(55565) 2002 AW197 (North Up, East Left)
(55565) 2002 AW197 is a classical Kuiper belt object (cubewano). Measurements with the Spitzer Space Telescope have confirmed 2002 AW197 as a probable dwarf planet, although it has not been officially classified as such by the IAU. Light-curve-amplitude analysis shows only small deviations, which suggests that 2002 AW197 is a spheroid with small albedo spots. It was discovered on 10 January 2002, by Michael Brown et al. It is located near the Kuiper cliff. This image comprises 5 x Luminance (180 seconds each) , 0.5m f/2.9 ASA Astrograph with FLI ML3200 camera at an altitude of 50 degrees on 22 February 2017, 4 days after opposition at magnitude 19.6. The field of view is 18’ x 18’.
Hills Observatory: 1 January 2013 to 26 May 2020