NGC 1365 (North Up, East Left)
NGC 1365, also known as the "Great Barred Spiral Galaxy", is a barred spiral galaxy with classification SBb in the constellation of Fornax. It lies at a distance of ~56 million light-years. In February 2013, observations using the NuSTAR satellite found that the central supermassive black hole of NGC 1365, measured to have a mass of about 2 million solar masses, is spinning at almost the speed of light. This image comprises 10 x Luminance (150 seconds each) and 5 x Red, Green and Blue (120, 139 and 126 seconds each), 0.5m f/2.9 ASA Astrograph with FLI ML3200 camera at an altitude of 25 degrees on 29 September 2017. The fields of view are 32’ x 21’ and 18' x 12', respectively.
Hills Observatory: 1 January 2013 to 28 December 2020