Herschel 342 and Caldwell 64 (North Up, East Left)
Herschel 342, also known as NGC 2362 and Caldwell 64, is an open cluster in the constellation of Canis Major. It contains ~60 stars and lies at a distance of ~5,000 light-years. It is ~25 million years old. The bright star is 4.4 magnitude double Tau Canis Majoris. This image comprises 10 x Luminance (2 seconds each) and 5 x Red, Green and Blue (5, 5 and 4 seconds each), 0.5m f/2.9 ASA Astrograph with FLI ML3200 camera at an altitude of 35 degrees over two nights, 21 November and 10 December 2015. The field of view of the image is 29’ x 19’.
Hills Observatory: 1 January 2013 to 26 May 2020