Barnard 33 (North Up, East Left)
Barnard 33, also known as the “Horsehead nebula”, is a dark nebula in the constellation of Orion. It lies at a distance of ~1,500 light-years. The heavy concentrations of dust in the Horsehead Nebula region results in alternating sections of nearly complete opacity and transparency. It is visible because it is located in front of a bright nebula, which is ionized by the magnitude 3.8 multiple star system Sigma Orionis, visible to the west of the Horsehead nebula. The first and second images comprise 8 x Ha, OIII and SII filters (180 seconds each) with 0.5m f/2.9 ASA Astrograph with FLI ML3200 camera at an altitude of 55 degrees on 14 February 2018. The fields of view are 34' x 23' and 18' x 12' respectively. The third and fourth images comprise 6 x Luminance (300 seconds each), 0.101m f/5.4 Tele Vue refractor with FLI ML16200 camera at an altitude of 55 degrees on 26 February 2017. The fields of view are 132’ x 132’ (2.2 degrees square) and 42’ x 42’, respectively.
Hills Observatory: 1 January 2013 to 26 May 2020