Notable dates in 2020
January 4 Jan Quadrantids Meteor Shower 10 Jan Mercury at Superior Conjunction 10 Jan Full Moon 10 Jan Penumbral lunar eclipse visible from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia 13 Jan Saturn in Conjunction with Sun 13 Jan Pluto in Conjunction with Sun 24 Jan New Moon 27 Jan Neptune 0.08 o N of Venus February 9 Feb Full Moon 10 Feb Mercury at Greatest Elong: 18.2 o E 18 Feb Mars 0.7 o S of Moon 19 Feb Jupiter 0.9 o N of Moon 20 Feb Saturn 1.8 o N of Moon 23 Feb New Moon 26 Feb Mercury at Inferior Conjunction March 8 Mar Neptune in Conjunction with Sun 9 Mar Full Moon 18 Mar Jupiter, Mars and Moon conjunction 05:00UT 18 Mar Mars 0.7 o N of Moon 18 Mar Jupiter 1.5 o N of Moon 20 Mar Vernal Equinox 20 Mar Jupiter 0.7 o N of Mars 21 Mar Interanmia at Opposition 24 Mar New Moon 24 Mar Mercury at Greatest Elong: 27.8 o W 24 Mar Venus at Greatest Elong: 46.1 o E April 2 Apr Juno at Opposition 4 Apr Hebe at Opposition 4 Apr Mercury at Superior Conjunction 8 Apr Full Moon 13 Apr Cybele at Opposition 22 Apr Lyrid Meteor Shower 23 Apr New Moon 26 Apr Uranus in Conjunction with Sun May 4 May Mercury at Superior Conjunction 6 May Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower 7 May Full Moon 22 May New Moon 22 May Venus 0.9 o N of Mercury June 3 Jun Venus at Inferior Conjunction 4 Jun Mercury at Greatest Elong: 23.6 o E 5 Jun Full Moon 5 Jun Penumbral lunar eclipse visible from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia 19 Jun Venus 0.7 o S of Moon 20 Jun Summer Solstice 21 Jun New Moon 21 Jun Annular Solar Eclipse visible from central East Africa and southern Asia 28 Jun Iris at Opposition July 1 Jul Mercury at Inferior Conjunction 5 Jul Full Moon 5 Jul Penumbral lunar eclipse visible from the Americas and W. Europe and Africa 14 Jul Jupiter at Opposition 15 Jul Pluto at Opposition 20 Jul Saturn at Opposition 21 Jul New Moon 22 Jul Mercury at Greatest Elong: 20.1 o W 31 Jul South Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower August 1 Aug Jupiter 1.5 o N of Moon 3 Aug Full Moon 9 Aug Mars 0.7 o N of Moon 12 Aug Perseid Meteor Shower 13 Aug Venus at Greatest Elong: 45.8 o W 17 Aug Mercury at Superior Conjunction 19 Aug New Moon 28 Aug Ceres at Opposition 29 Aug Jupiter 1.4 o N of Moon September 2 Sep Full Moon 6 Sep Mars 0.03 o S of Moon 11 Sep Neptune at Opposition 17 Sep New Moon 22 Sep Autumnal Equinox October 1 Oct Mercury at Greatest Elong: 25.8 o E 1 Oct Full Moon 3 Oct Mars 0.7 o N of Moon 13 Oct Mars at Opposition 16 Oct New Moon 22 Oct Orionid Meteor Shower 25 Oct Mercury at Inferior Conjunction 31 Oct Full Moon 31 Oct Uranus at Opposition November 5 Nov Taurid Meteor Shower 10 Nov Mercury at Greatest Elong: 19.1 o W 15 Nov New Moon 18 Nov Leonids meteor shower 30 Nov Full Moon 30 Nov Penumbral lunar eclipse visible from the Americas, E. Asia, Australia and UK December 7 Dec Psyche at Opposition 12 Dec Venus 0.8 o S of Moon 13 Dec Geminid Meteor Shower 14 Dec New Moon 14 Dec Total Solar Eclipse 20 Dec Mercury at Superior Conjunction 21 Dec Winter Solstice 21 Dec Saturn O.1 o N of Jupiter 22 Dec Ursid Meteor Shower 30 Dec Full Moon
Hills Observatory: 1 January 2013 to 26 May 2020