Comets - 260P/McNaught - 0260P
Type Periodic Perihelion Date 9 September 2019 Perihelion Distance (q) 1.4 Aphelion Distance (Q) 5.8 Period (Years)   6.9 Eccentricity (e)   0.61 Inclination (i)   15.1 Click for NASA orbit diagram
Hills Observatory: 1 January 2013 to 10 June 2019
260P/McNaught = 2005 K3 = 2012 K2 Rob McNaught discovered a 17th magnitude comet with the 0.5-m Uppsala Schmidt during the Siding Spring Survey on 20 May 2005. Its period is 7.1 years with perihelion at 1.51 AU in August 2005. The comet was recovered by M Masek with the 0.3m reflector at the Pierre Auger Observatory, Malargue on 15 May 2012 and it will reach perihelion in September, 0.22 days earlier than predicted. It reached a peak near 11th magnitude in October 2012. Date 10x10 mag Error Kphot mag Coma '