Comets - 239P/LINEAR - 0239P
Type Periodic Perihelion Date 10 January 2019 Perihelion Distance (q) 1.6 Aphelion Distance (Q) 7.3 Period (Years)   9.5 Eccentricity (e)   0.63 Inclination (i)   11.3 Click for NASA orbit diagram
Hills Observatory: 1 January 2013 to 16 November 2018
An apparently asteroidal, 18th magnitude object discovered by LINEAR on 7 December 1999, with a cometlike orbit was observed by C. Hergenrother, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, on 27 February 2000 with the Catalina 1.54-m reflector to show a 5" coma and a 10" tail in p.a. 80 deg. In August 2010, images from WISE taken in early February were linked by Gareth Williams to P/1999 XB69 (LINEAR). This then allowed images from the Mt Lemmon Survey taken at the end of October 2008 to be included in the orbital solution. Date 10x10 mag Error Kphot mag Coma ' 16-Nov-18   19.81   0.11 19.4 0.2